Why No response does mean not Interested n’t

Why No response does mean not Interested n’t

Want it or perhaps not, life is product product sales. Even in the event that you aren’t anywhere close to the product sales department in work, I’d bet that almost each day you ought to persuade, persuade or find an understanding with someone else.

A key product sales (and life) concept is in fact this: simply because you don’t get a reply, that does not suggest your partner is not interested. Although most of us dislike the pushy sales person who applies to the difficult sell at our expense, I’d say most people are too passive. The presumption usually is: if people don’t respond immediately or arrived at me personally, it indicates they aren’t enthusiastic about the things I have to give you.

I could think about countless examples where this sort of problematic reasoning plagues people:

  • The one who assumes no one really wants to talk he sits quietly in a corner during a party with him because.
  • The one who believes that her offer just isn’t desired since the e-mail wasn’t replied to.
  • The one who thinks he is not wanted at a conference, because he didn’t get an invite.
  • The one who seems the client isn’t interested because she didn’t answer to the initial product sales message.

I believe there are a few good reasons individuals are biased towards being too passive ( more about that later), but I believe the consequence may be dangerous. Continue reading “Why No response does mean not Interested n’t”