Furry Dating Website Shuts Down Due to FOSTA

Furry Dating Website Shuts Down Due to FOSTA


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The attempt that is last legislating mandatory values in 2007 did not work. We will see if it really works this time around.

Has anyone else ever realized that the ones that howl about the evils of intercourse are those that get caught with their junk in every the places that are wrong?


Ive said it prior to and I also will state it once again. They need to simply legalize it like Nevada did (outside of vegas), give a permit to market intercourse (is sold with an assurance of cleanliness etc) and taxation the shit from the jawhorse. Program you will continue to have individuals wanting to avoid spending the income tax and those who refuse getting a permit. Nonetheless it will be a lot safer total.

You simply described my nights. Sweet.

Oh hell no. No one is gonna touch that. And DUDE be sure to for the passion for all that is good and right regarding the H please learn how to utilize the +QUOTE switch as opposed to creating a dozen articles in a line. Continue reading “Furry Dating Website Shuts Down Due to FOSTA”